Сonstruction of new housing, trade and social welfare objects. Nowadays, the construction of a hypermarket in Gulistan city in the Sirdarya region is under way, which will allow us to receive an additional 10,000 sq. m of retail space and make over 500 jobs. The quality and punctuality of the works performed by the Company were duly appreciated by partners and market participants. Dantes Construction Investment Group is officially allowed to all types of construction and design work, and also has permission to participate as a general contractor in international tenders.




Сarrying out of sociological and marketing researches of the market of Uzbekistan. Introduction of new strategic partners into the market on preferential terms.
We have conducted sociological research in the field of medicine for partners of St. Petersburg companies Jude Medical, Biotronik, Medtronic and have built financial development model. Based on the results, representative offices of foreign companies were opened in Uzbekistan, these companies conduct economically successful business on the territory of the republic.

Our company is an official representative (dealer) of VOLVO manufacturer of heavy construction machinery and means of goods transportation.











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Employees and administration of the Company are true patriots! Company staff makes its best to contribute the development and prosperity of the Republic of Uzbekistan! Creation of a modern progressive society having and using advanced technologies!



Administration of Sirdarya region in the person of the head of the regional administration creates the most favorable conditions for all market participants making no exceptions, in particular, the newly created enterprises are given the "Enterprise in the Free Economic Zone" (FEZ) status, thus providing tax advantages for a period of up to 10 years, so the business of the region prospers. This is a favorable and promising condition for manufacture establishment, with the provision of tax advantages for export of products with "zero" taxation.


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