The VERUM LEGAL Legal Company

Our general partner on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which provides full legal support, specializing in corporate law and legal support for business entities activities. It conducts its activities since 2007.

Alamservice, LLC

Alamservice Limited Liability Company provides services for rail transportation, bulk cargo dispatch, air transportation, sea transportation, road transport, and storage logistics.


Maxwell Business Management Group inc.

Our general partner which represents our interests in the USA.


Dialogue beyond the Borders International Foundation of Aitmatov

Represents our interests on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Norbert Sailer Khuepach and Santa Esmeralda Beran

Our partners in Europe, companies represent our interests in Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries.


Manufacturer of heavy construction machinery and means of goods transportation.

Business Uzbeks of Russia Movement

«The Uzbek National Congress in Moscow» – also represents the interests of our company in Moscow.